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How we started


We are two work colleagues (Ann and Sherryll) who have become friends.  Each has created many items that have been loved and cherished by family and friends. We have now brought our talents together to move forward with a new adventure. The new adventure has begun and Little Brown Kiwi has hatched.

We have now been joined by our friend Kimberley who adds another facet to our business venture.


Sherryll is our knitter extraordinaire of baby and up to under 5's Cardigans, Jackets, Hats, Booties and more.


Ann is our sewing guru of young girls dresses and exceptional baby Layettes and Bundles.


Kimberley brings the Justmor range of delicious nutritious dehydrated fruits and veges.


Like most people these days we are concerned about our impact on the environment, and for our part we commit to reusing, recycling and reducing. We do this by buying locally, growing ourselves, and using only recycled  packaging.

Sherryll's wool is locally sourced from Christchurch wool specialists

Ann will send your purchases to you in recycled packaging.

Kimberley's Justmor range is all locally sourced, organic and/or chemical free, mostly grown in our own small gardens and is packaged in eco friendly packaging, mostly compostable.

If your product arrives in a plastic bag. it is recycled or reused paper and even news paper.

We aim to be as environmentally friendly as it's possible for us to be in our chosen areas, to achieve this we keep it as local as we can, 

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